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Top 5 Places for paragliding in India

Paragliding in India

Sitting lonely when you watch over the birds, chirping, playing with grasses, and suddenly fluttering wings to start up for the flight. Oh! It’s the main observation, which makes you sit back and wonder a bit. Those birds seen just a second before on the ground and grass are now in the sky, which isn’t amazing. From childhood to youth, you always dream of flying in the sky. Tearing clouds, and feeling cold wind and clouds, crossing and striking your warm body.

Growing age makes lots of changes in your personality. Maximum of is quite moving and impressed with sports and adventure. Let’s now proceed with adventure talks without talking and discussing old talks and facts. Oh! Reader, you are getting goosebumps now, wait for a bit, there lot more.

India, climatic and geographic features, have made India a wonderful destination for tourism and a land of sports as well. The new adventure, or since 1990; Paragliding is the most loved and appreciated one on Indian Ground. Flying birds inspired the Wright Brothers’ invention of aeroplanes; but due to heavy air traffic and many other reasons, air flight is not so appreciable for flying.

Set yourself and pomp up with joy to fly all alone in the high sky with birds, looking at the green ground so small, like a tiny ant beneath. Paragliding is divided under certain activities :

  • Kite Skiing
  • Hand gliding
  • Speed flying

Are you ready for a splendour adventure? Oh! Are you afraid? No friends! It’s not the time to be afraid, but it’s the time to live or innocent child’s dream. Paragliding is done with all safety using :

  • Wing
  • Harness
  • Flight after completing training
  • Flight under experts and professionals

India a perfect destination for Paragliding

1. Meghalaya- mountains covered up with bed of snow, and tall pine trees makes Shillong the capital city of state pictorial destination for this adventure act. Here in the valleys hand gliding is much appreciable.
2. Himachal Pradesh– known as state only for hills and white snow, the Himachal Pradesh, is an act ground for Paragliding. Manali, Bilaspur are rated as top club.
3. Goa- Goa has become the major attraction for sky skiing. Fly like bird and make dive over Ocean as landing.
4. Rajasthan– the Aravali hills of Rajasthan is an picturesque and most adventure sports ground for Paragliding.
5. Uttarakhand– well known Nainital for its soothing climatic condition and geographic balance, is a leading Paragliding club in India.


A scenic hill station with greenery all around

Parwanoo is situated in the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh. The place is famous for its centre for outstanding horticulture and industrial activities. The charm of the place can be felt by dominating orchards of fruits all over. Being rich in producing fruits of different varieties, Parwanoo is home to various industries producing jams and juices. Fruits like apples and peaches are produced in abundance and supplied to nearby places like Chandigarh. 

With even landscape, activities like walking and trekking come naturally to this place. People from all over the country come to witness the town’s natural beauty and panoramic view. You can view the famous Shivalik Hills and lush greenery all over the place. This helps in keeping the weather pleasant and ideal for touring.   

Places like Kasauli and Pinjore can be easily reached via Parwanoo. Some of the other tourist spots near Parwanoo include Renuka Lake, Paonta Sahib, and Dagshai. The town Dagshai is particularly famous for its army visit. You can find a number of budget hotels and guest houses to stay there. Being a gateway to Himachal Pradesh and other nearby places, you can find north Indian, Chinese, and Continental foods in most of the restaurants in Parwanoo. 

The best time to visit Parwanoo is between March and May. During this period the weather remains pleasant. However, it is equally enjoyable to visit the place in the months of October and November.   

Parwanoo lies at a distance of 273 kilometres from Delhi. It is well connected by roads, rails, and air, Chandigarh is the nearest airport 34 kilometres away. The best way to reach Parwanoo is by road, as you can cover many places like Panipath, Karnal, Pipli, Ambala, and more during your journey.

Sattal dream destination for bird lovers

A dream destination for bird lovers

Sattal is a famous birding camp in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand. It lies at an altitude of 4400 feet and is 4-kilometre ride from Sattal town. 

The various species of birds and dense forests flank the camp. With a great variation of the hills surrounding the region, Sattal has more than 200 bird species. The major area is dominated by thick forests. Trees like pine and oak can be found in abundance.  With various lakes dotting this region, vegetation comes naturally to this place.

Sattal promises to provide a clean and fresh experience to revive your feelings with immense peace. The cool breeze and chirping birds with unmatched beauty will make you fall for this place again and again. The Hill Prinia, Black-headed Jay, Parakeets, Whiskered Yuhina and more can be found.

The camp is isolated from the Nainital district, but still provides some of the best-staying facilities. You can find guest houses and other staying spots at an affordable rate.

The best time to visit Sattal is between March to June. During this period you can have the best touring experience, as the weather remains pleasant. However, you can visit this place at any time. Summers are moderate with a cool breeze in the evenings. Monsoon provides moderate rainfall and winters are extremely cold.

How to Reach

The distance between Delhi to Sattal is 285 kilometres. It can be easily reached from Delhi and any other places nearby by air, rail, and road. However, the road remains the best means to travel, especially if you are coming from Delhi. You can board a bus from Delhi and get down at Kathgodham or Nainital. From there you can take a taxi to reach Sattal.


An Unforgettable place to capture your heart

Often known as the place of maharajas, Chamba lies along the valley of river Ravi. High mountains, rising sun, magical landscape, and more will give you an unforgettable time. Once you reach Chamba, you will feel as if the high-floating clouds are welcoming you. The flowing water of the Ravi and the mesmerising sound of winds and trees will give you a fresh and energetic feeling. 

Chamba is also famous for its temples, the Mughals Empire, and beautiful architecture.   The district covers various tourist spots, including Pangi, Khajjiar, and Dalhousie. The immense beauty of the surroundings will touch your heart and soul, and that is why it remains one of the favourite tourist destinations.

The main center of attraction is the Lakshmi Narayan Temple, which is supposed to be built by Raja Sahil Verma in the 10th century. This temple is a spot for 6 other temples dedicated to either Vishnu or Shiva. Minjair Mela is another activity to watch. The Mela is organized every year in the month of August. It all started in the year 935 AD when the ruler of that time organised this mela to thank God for providing better yield. Ever since then, it is being enthusiastically celebrated every year. People from all parts of India come to witness this cultural heritage. There are various other spots that can take your breath away. Some of them include Pangi and Bharmour. You have to take multiple hops to explore the entire Chamba. 

The place is great to go all through the year. Summers remains mild with a maximum temperature not exceeding 35 degree Celsius. Monsoon experiences intermittent showers and is quite pleasant. However, winters are cold and gives heavy rainfall

Among various places to visit near Delhi, Chamba is a little far at a distance of 573 kilometres. However, there are various options to reach Chamba from Delhi. With well-connected roads, the best option is to take a taxi or a bus. You can also reach Chamba easily from other nearby places like Dehradun, Rishikesh, Haridwar, etc.


Revive yourself in the adobe of Gods

Rudraprayag is a famous religious spot situated at the junction of two famous rivers Mandakini and Alkananda.  In fact, one of the five assemblages of river Alkananda is Rudraprayag, better known as Panch Prayags. The place has some historical significance, as Narad was sanctified by Lord Shiva. Being religiously significant, the place is also blessed with some scenic view. 

With the river running all along this place and high Himalayas, the area is full of flora and fauna. People often find this place very sacred as it is an abode of various Gods.   

The weather of Rudraprayag is very fluctuating due to its height. It lies at an altitude of 610 meters above sea level and is just 34 kilometers from Srinagar. If you are travelling to Kedarnath or Badrinath Dham, you need to travel till this place and then divert. Tourists from all over the country halt and stay here to unwind their religious sentiments. Some of the famous temples located in Rudraprayag include Madhyamaheshwar, Kalimath, and Tungnath. There are various other spots in and around this place. Agastamuni is yet another religious spot famous after Rishi Agastya who supposed to meditate here. It is at much higher latitude and 18 kilometers away from Rudraprayag. 

You can have the best touring experience in the months between October to March. Summers are moderate with a maximum temperature of 36 degree Celsius. You can relax in the cool breeze during the period of April to June. The place also experiences moderate rainfalls in the months of July and September. Winters are extremely cool with the minimum temperature going till 0 degree Celsius. 

Rudraprayag is well connected by good roads, rails, and air. It is easy to reach this place from some northern states of India, especially Uttarakhand. If you are coming from Delhi, you need to travel around 363 kilometers to reach here. However, you can reach any of the famous places in Uttarakhand like Dehradun, Haridwar, Rishikesh, etc.  and board a taxi or a bus to reach Rudraprayag.


A dream destination for spending your holidays

Located in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand, Ramgarh is slowly gaining its popularity. With so many famous tourist spots in the vicinity of Ramgarh, travellers often miss the opportunity to explore this heavenly hamlet. However, if you have been to this place earlier, you cannot stop yourself to tour it again. 

The place has gained all praises from the tourists, who find this region ideal to relax and unwind your body and soul. The enchanting view of the sunset and sunrise along the snowing mountains remains the attracting force. It is also a home to various orchards like apples, peach, apricots, etc. and is popularly known as ‘Fruit Bowl of Kumaon’. Due to its uneven landscape, Ramgarh has been divided geographically into two parts: Malla on the elevation and Talla downhill. 

Being away from the hustle bustle of the city, the place gives you immense tranquility and calmness. However, you can find some army personnel training and trekking, as the place was the cantonment during the British rule. During that period, it was the favorite holiday destination even for the Britishers.  Moreover, various poets like Rabindranath Tagore used to spend months here to enhance their creativity. 

Located at an altitude of 7200 feet, Ramgarh experiences a maximum temperature of 26 degree Celsius and a minimum of 14 degree Celsius. If you are visiting the place between January and February, you can see the winter snow bound. However, with pleasant summers and moderate autumn, the best time to visit Ramgarh is between April and November.

The best thing is its accessibility from various places nearby via air, roads, and railways. It is just 25 kilometers away from Nainital and 25 kilometers from Bhimtal. If you are coming from Delhi, it is around 325 kilometers away. You can take the NH24 route Rampur from Delhi. The nearest railway station is Kathgodham, which is 46 kilometers away. Ramgarh is also well connected by air to the other parts of Uttarakhand, Pantnagar being the nearest airport.


A city of lakes with hidden treasures

For those who think they have seen the best of the nature, Naukuchaital will prove them wrong every time they visit this place. Naukuchaital as the name say is a small village in the state of Uttarakhand with nine cornered lakes. With hills surrounding the entire villages, the place is no less than a great discovery for the people visiting it for the first time. Some many lakes are obviously going to give a great boating experience.

Apart from the boat ride, you can enjoy the beauty of tall mountains and indulge in various activities like swimming, angling, and horse riding. You can even spot a variety of birds, including the Kingfisher that can be seen in almost all seasons. 

Naukuchaital is also a favorite spot for Bollywood directors, who often chose this place to shoot various eye catching scenes. The popular blockbuster movie Koi Mil Gaya starring Preity Zinta has various scenes showing the glimpse of this place. 

The lakes being the main center of attraction in this village have some myth associated with it. Some believe that all the nine corners of the lakes can be seen from a single location, while some say that seeing it on a cloudy day will make you disappear.

Reaching this place is quite easy. The nearest railway station is Kathgodham, which is 44 kilometers away. From there, you can board a taxi to reach Naukuchaital. Bhimtal is yet another place close to this village where you can stay. However, if you are coming from Delhi it will take up to 5 hours (294 kilometers) by road. Taking a flight or a rail route is the other mean by which you can reach Naukuchaital. But, these options could make you take some uneven routes.

Summers are moderately hot and winters are extremely cold. It also experiences moderate rainfall during the monsoon. Every season gives you a unique feeling; however, monsoon remains the preferred season to tour this beautiful land.


Provides one of the most beautiful sunset and natural beauty

Blessed with snow-capped mountains, Pauri is a known tourist place in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. The city is filled with natural beauty and provides an eye-catching view. Being one of the favorite tourist destinations, Pauri is also the headquarter of the Garhwal district.  The mighty Himalayas and its snowy peaks give you a view you would have ever imagined. The other attractions include the town itself and various holy spots. 

The Kandoliya temple famous after Lord Kandoliya and the Jwala Shrine attracts a lot of pilgrims from across the world. With the presence of scenic and natural lakes around ancient temples, people from different parts of the country come to celebrate Teej every year. Other locations that can take your breath away include the Chaukhamba viewpoint. This is special because of its location, which is at a height of 3100 meters above the sea level.  Most special is the sunset of Pauri, which gives a fiery range of colors and soothes your eyes. 

Pauri is also known for its rich tradition and culture. People are soft spoken and always ready to help tourists who visit the place every year. Once you are there, you can find a number of guest houses and cottages to choose from.

With cold winters and pleasant summers, the city provides a perfect atmosphere to visit any time in a year. The city experiences heavy rainfall during the monsoon. However, the best time to visit the place remains during the summer, provided you carry light woolen clothes to protect yourself. 

Pauri is well connected by road, rail, and air. For foreigners or anyone coming from Delhi, the best option is to catch a luxury bus or express train. However, if you are travelling with your own vehicle, you can either take the Delhi-Haridwar or the Delhi-Meerut route.


A delightful place with the straightest tunnel

In the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh, Barog is a small yet popular destination to explore. The untouched beauty of the city surrounded by some breathtaking view makes you feel in the city of dreams. Going by the history, Barog is named after a famous engineer who built a tunnel in the year 1903. However, due to some mistake he was fined and later committed suicide due to the humiliation. Ever since his burial, graveyard of Barog has remained a site of tourist attractions. 

There are various other places to be explored in and around Barog, especially the Choor Chandni peak. Being near to the village, tourists love to plan treks and enjoy the beauty of the area. The forest close by is filled with pine a tree, which adds up to the beauty of the place. Famous for its Buddhist learning center, the place is often visited by monks from across the world. The monastery is famous by the name of the Yungdrung Bon Monastery and shows an epic performance of the Bon dance on New Year eve. 

Being a city of many caves, it enjoys the possession of one of the largest caves in the Himalayas. The Karol Goofa running from Karol till Pinjore shows historical significance and is just 17 kilometers drive from Barog. The other places to visit near Barog include Jatoli and Kalka.

The distance to Barog from Delhi is around 300 kilometers and takes about 6 hours by car. If you are travelling from Delhi you can take the Panipat-Kalka route via NH 22. 

Barog can be visited to enjoy your honeymoon or have some good time with family and friends. However, the best time to visit the place is between April to July. Summer is quite mild with the maximum temperature going up to 23 degree Celsius. The months between August and September experiences moderate rainfalls. In winters, the maximum temperature reaches till 15 degree Celsius.