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A delightful place with the straightest tunnel

In the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh, Barog is a small yet popular destination to explore. The untouched beauty of the city surrounded by some breathtaking view makes you feel in the city of dreams. Going by the history, Barog is named after a famous engineer who built a tunnel in the year 1903. However, due to some mistake he was fined and later committed suicide due to the humiliation. Ever since his burial, graveyard of Barog has remained a site of tourist attractions. 

There are various other places to be explored in and around Barog, especially the Choor Chandni peak. Being near to the village, tourists love to plan treks and enjoy the beauty of the area. The forest close by is filled with pine a tree, which adds up to the beauty of the place. Famous for its Buddhist learning center, the place is often visited by monks from across the world. The monastery is famous by the name of the Yungdrung Bon Monastery and shows an epic performance of the Bon dance on New Year eve. 

Being a city of many caves, it enjoys the possession of one of the largest caves in the Himalayas. The Karol Goofa running from Karol till Pinjore shows historical significance and is just 17 kilometers drive from Barog. The other places to visit near Barog include Jatoli and Kalka.

The distance to Barog from Delhi is around 300 kilometers and takes about 6 hours by car. If you are travelling from Delhi you can take the Panipat-Kalka route via NH 22. 

Barog can be visited to enjoy your honeymoon or have some good time with family and friends. However, the best time to visit the place is between April to July. Summer is quite mild with the maximum temperature going up to 23 degree Celsius. The months between August and September experiences moderate rainfalls. In winters, the maximum temperature reaches till 15 degree Celsius. 

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