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Bhimtal ideal place for work from mountains (Part 1)

Bhimtal, as the people say, has religious significance both in its name and the place itself. The name Bhim has been derived from the legendary Bhima of Mahabharat. The name Bhimtal is often associated with the famous ancient Bhimeshwara Mahadev temple, which was supposed to be built by Bhima during the Pandavas period.

Being historically and culturally rich, Bhimtal has a local museum, which speaks a lot about its past. However, the real beauty of Bhimtal lies in the lake, which is situated right at the center and surrounded by mountains. Being close to Nainital, it attracts most of the tourists coming to Nainital. In fact, in the past couple of years, it has gained more popularity than ever.

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Day 1

With splendid and soothing views Bhimtal promises to show nature’s beauty at its best. Unlike Nainital, it is very quiet and gives you an energizing experience once you stay there. With the lake being the centre of attraction, you can enjoy paddling and boating along with other sports opportunities. In the middle of the lake, you can find a large aquarium exhibiting its delicacy with lively fishes from all over the world.

But our journey started from Delhi which is 300 Km from Bhimtal. We started in the second half of the day at 3 PM. With pleasant weather and drizzling, rain roads are cleaning our way towards Bhimtal.

A couple of days back we 4 friends are planning to reach some hill station for work from mountains. And the plan suddenly came into existence from nowhere. This is not new for me because I usually make my plans like this but for them, it’s like a Surprise.

And finally, we are about to reach the place, so we went through the list of properties available near the lake and decided to opt for a place called Jyoti Yoga Ashram.

On Friday evening we started our journey by our personal vehicle with loud music and high energy. It’s going to be the longest drive because of rain all over.

We reached the place at 11 PM at night, Due to the rain and cold breeze it is hard to stand outside even for a minute. We took our bags and shifted inside our rooms.

Rooms are very basic with limited facilities. But the view from there is just amazing, so we decided to stay there and ask for whatever required.

Day 2

Next day I woke up late as we reached the place late and we were very tired. The morning view was amazing, now their is no rain and whether is clear.

Situated in the heart of the Nainital district in Uttarakhand, Bhimtal is perched at a height of 1370meters above sea level. Due to various tourist spots in the adjoining areas, it has pretty good connectivity with Delhi. If you are coming from Delhi, 300 kilometres might not look long-distance, provided you have a good company of family and friends.

Among all the places to visit near Delhi, Bhimtal is a small yet popular holiday destination. Being rich in producing Apple, you will find Apple juices and other local dishes all over Bhimtal.

After having our breakfast at 8 AM I decided to take a long walk for an hour till Bhimtal Lake. Because of the working days, it is not possible for any of us to spend the whole day for outdoor activities.

The place where we are staying is approx 1.7 KM from Bhimtal Lake. Most of the place is commercialised, the number of stays and hotels are on the way. But still, the beauty of this place hypnotised me like I am in serene land.

It is Saturday, Weekend vibes hold my hand and take me out from the cosy room where I was trying to overcome my last day tiredness.

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