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ne of the most exotic places to be in

Chail remains one of the most beloved and evergreen city full of oak trees and profuse grasslands. Located at a distance of 45 kilometers from Shimla, the city was contrived to be the new summer capital of colonial India by Maharaja of Patiala.

Recognized by its rich history, Chail is famous for being discovered by Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala. It all started when he was banned to enter Shimla by the then Commander-in-Chief, which resulted in an exasperation by Maharaja and his supporters. This provoked him to choose Chail as a new summer capital that would battle Shimla. Chail had an advantage of subduing Shimla, as it was situated at a better height with a complete vision and was surrounded all over by some evergreen forests. However, the selected sight had some adversity attached to it, due to which the Maharaja was not able to fulfill his dream. Based on a dream, a sage advised him to move to a different location as the selected site was inauspicious. The spot chosen by Maharaja Bhupinder Singh had a temple built on it, which was later razed by fire and was later moved to a new building in the year 1951. Ever since then, it has been taken over by Himachal tourism department and been an excellent holiday destination for many nature enthusiasts.   

You can still find many historical monuments with a touch of modern facelift. Chail is known for its log cottages, extended lawns, hills, and more. With evergreen and extremely dense forests a placid walk gives a sense of intense tranquility. For tourists and any non residents, the Chail resort Palace allows entry free of cost. Moreover, the city gives you a great vision of the Sutlej valley along with the Himalayan ranges. Adding to its glossy beauty, cities like Shimla and Kasauli can be equally well seen at night.  Chail adds its name to the Guinness Book of World record by bearing the highest cricket ground in the world.  The other things which catch the tourist eye include a wild life sanctuary, trekking, and places like Jhaja and Gaura.

Being one of the hot destinations near Delhi, Chail can be easily reached through air, train, or road. The nearest airport is that of Shimla at a distance of 68 kilometers. Train is the best mean to travel to Chail, the nearest railway station being 20 kilometers away at Kandaghat. Chail is properly connected by road as well. If you are coming from Delhi, it is 336 kilometers far via the Kandaghat route.  However, from Chandigarh it’s just 86 kilometers. The best time to visit Chail is between April to July.

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