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Experience the Himalayan adventure with belligerent sights

Located on the bank of the Yamuna near Dehradun, Kalsi is known for its rich heritage and dazzling scenes. Historically, it is famous for various rock edicts of the Mauryan Empire. The inscriptions are supposed to be of Ashoka who then converted to Buddhism. With the scripts written on a 10 * 8 square feet quartz stone and retained by the Archaeological department of India, it remains the attracting force for many tourists. Travelling to Kalsi is no less than an adventure as you can explore some of the best gifts of the nature. Activities like fishing and viewing some sparkling scenes along the bank of Yamuna can take you by surprise, as it promises to give you a completely different outlook of the Yamuna at Kalsi. 

With green pristine and verdant hills, Kalsi has a gifted beauty, which can make you believe in living a dream, every time you visit there. The roar of the river passing through Kalsi silences every other thing in and around you. From a vibrant river to the green mountains, Kalsi has something for everyone. For the birds migrating to Himalayas, Asan Barrage in Kalsi is a preferred halting place during winters. It is said that every year around 60 species of birds halt at the wetland make it an ethereal sight to watch.  Such a view might not repeat itself and indeed it would be a treat to watch if you tour during that period.  

Kalsi often remains unexplored among all the places to visit near Delhi. Located at an altitude of 620 meters in the Dehradun district, it is just 43 kilometres away from the nearest known place, Chakrata near Dakpatthar.  However, the nearest rail connectivity is the Dehradun railway station at a distance of 46 kilometres. If you are coming from Delhi, it’s 288 kilometres journey through the Panipat and Karnal highways. With moderate summers and pleasant winters, Kalsi can be visited anytime in the year.

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