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A city of lakes with hidden treasures

For those who think they have seen the best of the nature, Naukuchaital will prove them wrong every time they visit this place. Naukuchaital as the name say is a small village in the state of Uttarakhand with nine cornered lakes. With hills surrounding the entire villages, the place is no less than a great discovery for the people visiting it for the first time. Some many lakes are obviously going to give a great boating experience.

Apart from the boat ride, you can enjoy the beauty of tall mountains and indulge in various activities like swimming, angling, and horse riding. You can even spot a variety of birds, including the Kingfisher that can be seen in almost all seasons. 

Naukuchaital is also a favorite spot for Bollywood directors, who often chose this place to shoot various eye catching scenes. The popular blockbuster movie Koi Mil Gaya starring Preity Zinta has various scenes showing the glimpse of this place. 

The lakes being the main center of attraction in this village have some myth associated with it. Some believe that all the nine corners of the lakes can be seen from a single location, while some say that seeing it on a cloudy day will make you disappear.

Reaching this place is quite easy. The nearest railway station is Kathgodham, which is 44 kilometers away. From there, you can board a taxi to reach Naukuchaital. Bhimtal is yet another place close to this village where you can stay. However, if you are coming from Delhi it will take up to 5 hours (294 kilometers) by road. Taking a flight or a rail route is the other mean by which you can reach Naukuchaital. But, these options could make you take some uneven routes.

Summers are moderately hot and winters are extremely cold. It also experiences moderate rainfall during the monsoon. Every season gives you a unique feeling; however, monsoon remains the preferred season to tour this beautiful land.

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