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On my way to Narkanda from Noida (Part 1)

Narkanda is the first stop of my journey. It is beautiful and the most interesting part is the Hatu peak trek and the place where I stay. But before that lets me summarise you basic itinerary behind it.

This is the story of my Sangla Valley’s journey. It is a five days trip from Noida-Narkanda-Sangla-Chitkul-Noida. I never spent too much amount in any of my trips so I thought to keep my budget as low as possible and as comfortable as possible. Well, The budget for this trip is Rs. 5000. I divided the trip into three parts :

  1. On the way to Narkanda from Noida
  2. Sangla Valley
  3. Chitkul and back

October was the month when I thought to go out somewhere in mountains. But this time I choose Himachal Pradesh as my place to visit.

Well, I have seen a number of videos and read few articles about it but most of the time I visited Uttrakhand.

Bus to catch

I had enquired online the best way to reach Narkanda and found that the number of buses plies for the place whole day. You can go and check on www.hrtchp.com

It was October and the weather was pleasant so I thought to book a ticket on a normal bus. The ticket costs me 400/- till Shimla. Distance from Shimla to Narkanda is 60 Km or 2 hrs approx. The bus started at 8:30 PM from ISBT Kashmiri Gate, and I settled down in joy for the trip. It finally started and soon I will reach my first destination.

At around 4 AM in the morning I reached at ISBT Shimla. And driver told us that the bus will depart at 5:30 AM for Narkanda.

Reached Narkanda

At around 7:30 AM I reached this small & beautiful place called Narkanda. I was standing in the middle of the market which was closed at that time of the day.

Now it’s time for me to search for a place to stay whereas no person available can help me with this question.

Suddenly I met a guy who was going to open his shop located in the same market. I asked him about the best place to stay, In addition to it will also be cost-effective and the best in the town. He proposed to me a place called PWN Guest House.

I visited that place located at the backside of the market. It is a beautiful place with per night charges of 600/- night including food moreover the beauty of the place is mesmerising and captured your attention in just a snap of the figure.

But it’s 8:30 AM in the morning and the check-in time is 12 o’clock, so the caretaker suggested I take a tour of the place or trek to Hatu Peak.

Hatu Peak Trek

Hatu Peak is a small trek of 5 KM. It has a motorable road to the top where the temple is located moreover you may get to see few peaks from the top of the weather is clear.

I requested him to keep my bag until I returned. I started my trek to Hatu Peak.

After walking from my guesthouse, I encountered a tri-junction, the centre road is leading to Hatu Peak.

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