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A city of meadows and lakes

Traveling to Ranikhet is no less than an adventure to be cherished throughout your life. Ranikhet, as the name says is known for its placid landscape, Victorian buildings, and lush green forests are the most preferred hill stations to perceive the Mother Nature. With the sceneries involving trees like Oak and Pine, you can experience immense peace and beauty in the world of Ranikhet.  

From Clubs to Government Houses, Ranikhet offers a range of elegant accommodations to make your stay a memorable one. In addition, there are cottages that are surrounded by nicely trimmed gardens and long grape vines. Ranikhet has some history attached to it with the British regime. The Kumaon regiment of the Indian Army has been since the British period. 

The best to explore Ranikhet is to walk down the lane along the mountains and the lanes like mall road and Golf course road. While you move down the lane, you can feel the crisp and soothing stink of blazing pine-wood. It gives you an immense feeling of being energetic. The market place is equally radiant with residents, tourists, and vibrant tint.

Wildlife to Ranikhet comes naturally. Covered under the radius of 35 kilometers, the wildlife includes animals like Leopards, red fox, Jackals, and more. While exploring the wildlife, you can feel the scenic view of the supernatural Himalayan ranges. Food at Ranikhet is not a big deal. You can enjoy your favorite cuisines, especially at bistro “The Café”. Every time you visit this place, it makes you fall more and more for it. As they say, it’s no less than relishing your dreams.

Staying at Ranikhet is very economical, as you can find a range of available options.  Travelling is also not hectic, especially if you are coming from places like Almora and Nainital. Even Delhi is just 239 kilometers away and is connected through some beautiful roads and routes. However, if you are willing to take the aerial way, the nearest airport would be Panthnagar.

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