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Revive yourself in the adobe of Gods

Rudraprayag is a famous religious spot situated at the junction of two famous rivers Mandakini and Alkananda.  In fact, one of the five assemblages of river Alkananda is Rudraprayag, better known as Panch Prayags. The place has some historical significance, as Narad was sanctified by Lord Shiva. Being religiously significant, the place is also blessed with some scenic view. 

With the river running all along this place and high Himalayas, the area is full of flora and fauna. People often find this place very sacred as it is an abode of various Gods.   

The weather of Rudraprayag is very fluctuating due to its height. It lies at an altitude of 610 meters above sea level and is just 34 kilometers from Srinagar. If you are travelling to Kedarnath or Badrinath Dham, you need to travel till this place and then divert. Tourists from all over the country halt and stay here to unwind their religious sentiments. Some of the famous temples located in Rudraprayag include Madhyamaheshwar, Kalimath, and Tungnath. There are various other spots in and around this place. Agastamuni is yet another religious spot famous after Rishi Agastya who supposed to meditate here. It is at much higher latitude and 18 kilometers away from Rudraprayag. 

You can have the best touring experience in the months between October to March. Summers are moderate with a maximum temperature of 36 degree Celsius. You can relax in the cool breeze during the period of April to June. The place also experiences moderate rainfalls in the months of July and September. Winters are extremely cool with the minimum temperature going till 0 degree Celsius. 

Rudraprayag is well connected by good roads, rails, and air. It is easy to reach this place from some northern states of India, especially Uttarakhand. If you are coming from Delhi, you need to travel around 363 kilometers to reach here. However, you can reach any of the famous places in Uttarakhand like Dehradun, Haridwar, Rishikesh, etc.  and board a taxi or a bus to reach Rudraprayag.

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