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Top 5 Places for paragliding in India

Paragliding in India

Sitting lonely when you watch over the birds, chirping, playing with grasses, and suddenly fluttering wings to start up for the flight. Oh! It’s the main observation, which makes you sit back and wonder a bit. Those birds seen just a second before on the ground and grass are now in the sky, which isn’t amazing. From childhood to youth, you always dream of flying in the sky. Tearing clouds, and feeling cold wind and clouds, crossing and striking your warm body.

Growing age makes lots of changes in your personality. Maximum of is quite moving and impressed with sports and adventure. Let’s now proceed with adventure talks without talking and discussing old talks and facts. Oh! Reader, you are getting goosebumps now, wait for a bit, there lot more.

India, climatic and geographic features, have made India a wonderful destination for tourism and a land of sports as well. The new adventure, or since 1990; Paragliding is the most loved and appreciated one on Indian Ground. Flying birds inspired the Wright Brothers’ invention of aeroplanes; but due to heavy air traffic and many other reasons, air flight is not so appreciable for flying.

Set yourself and pomp up with joy to fly all alone in the high sky with birds, looking at the green ground so small, like a tiny ant beneath. Paragliding is divided under certain activities :

  • Kite Skiing
  • Hand gliding
  • Speed flying

Are you ready for a splendour adventure? Oh! Are you afraid? No friends! It’s not the time to be afraid, but it’s the time to live or innocent child’s dream. Paragliding is done with all safety using :

  • Wing
  • Harness
  • Flight after completing training
  • Flight under experts and professionals

India a perfect destination for Paragliding

1. Meghalaya- mountains covered up with bed of snow, and tall pine trees makes Shillong the capital city of state pictorial destination for this adventure act. Here in the valleys hand gliding is much appreciable.
2. Himachal Pradesh– known as state only for hills and white snow, the Himachal Pradesh, is an act ground for Paragliding. Manali, Bilaspur are rated as top club.
3. Goa- Goa has become the major attraction for sky skiing. Fly like bird and make dive over Ocean as landing.
4. Rajasthan– the Aravali hills of Rajasthan is an picturesque and most adventure sports ground for Paragliding.
5. Uttarakhand– well known Nainital for its soothing climatic condition and geographic balance, is a leading Paragliding club in India.

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